We provide our customers with the following taxidermy services:

  • Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mounts
  • Whitetail Deer Antler/Skull Mounts
  • Moose, Elk & Caribou Antler/Skull Mounts
  • Elk & Caribou Shoulder Mounts
  • Black Bear Shoulder Mounts
  • Black Bear Skull Mounts
  • Other work by special request

Turnaround Time

We generally are able to turn the work around and have it ready for our customers to pick up within six months. (Some special-request items may take a bit longer)
Skinning & Freezing Instructions for Shoulder mounts:

1 - It is recommended that your trophy be caped out as soon as possible, especially if the temperature is above 40 degrees.

2 - Follow the skinning diagram above. Your first cut should be all the way around the chest, AT LEAST 6" BEHIND THE SHOULDERS.

3 - Cut around the front legs about 8" down from the leg pockets, then cut along the back of the front legs ,along the junction of the brown and white hair. (Figure 2B above may look a little misleading; DO NOT CUT ACROSS THE BRISKET BETWEEN THE FRONT LEGS!!) When you are cutting along the back of the front legs and you reach the leg pockets (armpits), CUT STRAIGHT BACK to intersect the cut you made around the chest. This will leave you wih a nice ,long brisket flap between the front legs.

4 - Once you have made the necessary leg cuts, continue skinning down the shoulders and neck to the back of the ears, then cut through the neck meat and spine about 4" behind the ears.

5 - You need not skin the cape off of the head. Double wrap the cape and head in heavy garbage bags and freeze or deliver to taxidermist immediately. If you are going to store it for an extended time in your freezer, wrap a towel around the head and ears then place in garbage bags and freeze.